Ephraim Williams College Prep Middle School

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Athletics & Enrichment

Enrichment Opportunities

Fortune School provides a variety of enrichment opportunities for its students. These opportunities are designed to inspire our scholars to seek interests beyond their everyday classroom setting and learn more about the world around them.

College Field Lesson: A Fortune Mission

College Field Lessons are an important opportunity for students to receive direct experiences beyond the text and classroom discussions. College Field Lessons will provide a rich, in-depth experience with the outside world. For the vast majority of the students we will serve who have never been outside of their community, this experience can be life-changing. Certain field lessons will be a common part of the Fortune School experience for a student. Each student in grades K-12 will visit a 4-year university annually.


Every school day Fortune School students receive 15-20 minutes of Yoga instruction. Our Yoga program is designed to provide students a structured recess/break plan that positively reinforces a calm relaxing exertion of energy. Each class is led by a professional Yoga instructor.

Good Morning Yoga Flyer by FortuneSchool
After School Program

Specialized programs will be offered on Tuesdays and staffed by professionals in their field. Activities will include:
  • Urban Gardening
  • Music
  • Art